Programmable peristaltic sipper pump

Ole Dich Sipper pump type: P/N OD-Sipper-12
Powersupply: 12 volt DC 25 watt, centerpole +
Dimension: Diameter x H 155 x 165 mm.
Weight: 2,5 kg.
Temperature: 0 - 40 °C
Pump speed: 120 rpm. (other speed upon request)
Standard channal type 105.B Channal type 105.A or type 105.L upon request - see channal guide


Microprocessor based 1 or multi-channel peristaltic pump. The pump unit can automatically activate an equipment like spectrophotometer, using the read input.


System overview.

• PC, running Windows.

• Spectrophotometer or other equipment.

• Sipper Pump

• Cable from Sipper Pump to spectrophotometer or other equipments read input.

• Communication cable from PC COM port to Sipper Pump (option).


The pump normally is controlled by pressing one of the buttons on top of the pump (Start and Flush). The pump mode is shown using a light diode placed between the buttons. The pump aspiration, delay and flush times are factory preset values. These values may be changed sending simple commands on a build-in RS-232 line. A simple set-up utility for Windows is delivered as an option. Furthermore Start and Flush may be activated via a separate input connector, using simple contacts, or via the RS-232 line.



The timer functions are programable from the PC in 0.1 second intervals: 0.1 – 300.0 sec. settings. The build in EEPROM memory stores the settings.



By pressing Start the following sequence is activated:

1. The pump is activated and the sample is aspirated into the tubing (and flow cell). After the preset start period the pump is stopped and the preset Delay time is activated.

2. Pause, when the preset Delay times out a pulse is sent to the spectrophotometer or other equipments read input.



By pressing Flush the pump is activated and runs until the preset Flush times out.



If the Start or Flush key on top of the pump is activated while the pump is running the motor is stopped immediately (emergency stop).



• Green light Ready

• Green light, flashing Pump is running

• Red light, flashing Pause

• Yellow light, flashing Flushing


Ole Dich 113 Sipper pump for Cary 50 Bio UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
113 LMT Sipper